The missing office manager

It's been 4 days without an office manager. Contrary to public belief (well, mostly from the person who had this job before), the world did not come to an end!

 To be honest, it just got a little better. Here's what happened in merely 4 days:

 Mail (mostly invoices which have to be mailed) is placed at a table near the exit and anyone who happens to come by the post office (which is strategically placed right by some cafés and restaurants...), picks it up and that's it. Works great. Before, there was a dedicated "post-run" every day at exactly 4:30PM. Now, if some letters don't make it the same day, so be it. It's snail mail anyway, how important can it be?

 Coffee was ordered. By someone from the team. He got the neccessary credentials by himself and added them to the public wiki. Now anyone can order from Nespresso. I'm pretty confident, we will not run out of coffee any time soon. It's not exactly rocket-surgery to assess the remaining portions and decide if new coffee is needed...

 And at last, there was an INCIDENT. The super asked for the "office-manager" for something important to discuss. We had to tell him, there is no office-manager anymore. So he had to tell a random person from the remaining team that "the trash will be picked up on SATURDAY instead of MONDAY, because of a public holiday". Whooo. That was a hard one, but we even managed this, all without the professional support from our fired office-manager.

And that's it. And I mean this in the most complete way possible. I'm pretty, pretty sure, that this was ALL this person did before.