I'm currently using iOS / Android / Windows Phone / Blackberry devices side by side. No big deal, most apps are available for either OS. Only thing that is missing: iMessage.

I have a LOT of contacts that use iMessage and I'd like to keep it that way. As, for legal and technical reasons, there is no iMessage implementation available on any platform besides iOS, I thought I'd go a different route and try to combine Skype and iMessage. To my surprise, I haven't found a ready-to-go solution to combine these two. So, I wrote this little tool.

What do you need?

A Mac, that is running iMessage and Skype. You also have to set up a second account for Skype and login with this on the machine you are dedicating to message forwarding. 

How to install?

  • Download imessage2skype.dmg
  • Open / mount the downloaded file and copy iMessageToSkype.app to your program-folder.
  • Startup your messages.app
  • Go to Preferences / Alerts:
  • Select the event "Message received"
  • Enable "Run an Apple Script"
  • Select "choose script" from the drop-down
  • navigate to the just mounted .dmg and select the file "sendToiMessage2Skype.scpt"

It should look like this now:

  • Start Skype, make sure to login with your second account. Also make sure, this second account can send messages to your main-account (accept contact or however it is called)
  • Start iMessageToSkype
  • If asked, enter the Skype-username for the recipient of the forwarded messages. That is the account, that you are using on the machines that should receive the forwarded iMessages. I really don't know how to make this any clearer and still am sure, that a lot of people will ask stupid questions about this exactly….
 If everything is ok, you should see this in your menubar

If everything is ok, you should see this in your menubar

Click on the menubar for additional options.

You can remotely activate and deactivate the forwarding, just by replying "SET ON" or "SET OFF" or get the forwarding status by sending "STATUS".

That's it. Enjoy.

Any future plans?

Yes. In prioritized order:

  1. Two-way forwarding aka replying
  2. Auto-installation of the iMessage-script
  3. Forwarding of binary-messages (e.g. lolcatz, pictures of lady parts...)
  4. Code cleanup and release to Github
  5. Make a nice menubar-icon (do I hear someone say "I DO IT"?)