Nikon D800, iPhoto for iPad and 36MP pictures

When Apple announced iPhoto for the iPad I was really excited. Although I use Aperture for my day-to-day editing, having an alternative on-the-go seemed nice. But then there was this "and you can edit pictures UP TO 19MP".

In your face! Damn it. Now that I couldn't use it, I wanted to :)

As there's (most of the time) no harm in trying things out, that's exactly what I did this morning.

I shot some pictures with the D800 as RAW, took out the camera connection kit and tried to import them.

After inserting the memorycard, started on the ipad and... showed my pictures. Ok, showing a thumbnail and importing a 42MB imagefile are two different things, so I hit "Import all". That's where I expected some sort of message like "You idiot! Do you think we just say "UP TO 19MP willy-nilly??"

But then... it just kept going and imported all the files. No warning, no insult, no nothing.

Next thing: I fired up iPhoto and after a brief second of "Updating library" my recently imported photos were there. And a quick look at the info panel showed this:

So, it looks like everything worked. But then, there's this odd crossed-out-RAW-icon I cannot explain. The file SEEMS to be ok, it SEEMS to be full resolution. When trying to export it though, it gets scaled down to approximately 12MP and only exports as JPEG. I don't know if this is the default-behaviour of iPhoto for iPad, but I will investigate this a little further.

On not giving a damn about licenses

In the last weeks, I switched my company's website to Squarespace. For the most part, everything went quite smoothly. But, as Squarespace has a limit for files to be uploaded (20MB), hosting the videos there was out of the question. So I decided to use a video hosting provider. I asked the agency, which did the design for my website, about video hosting and they told me, they had a paid Vimeo account and would host my videos for free.

That was a really nice offer, but to be honest, I had some problems with their attitude and on-time delivery lately. So I didn't want to be dependent on them when I need to change something. As it will turn out, that was a good idea.

Since I knew and liked Vimeo, I set up an account for my company. I took a look at what kind of account the agency was using and it was a Plus account. As they host commercial videos for different clients, I thought, there must be something smaller. One that's for.. well, a small business like mine. But there wasn't. There was only a much more expensive one: the Pro account (USD 199/yr vs. USD 59/yr).

Now I was wondering. If an agency, with different clients and clear commercial interests, uses the Plus account, whom is the pro account for? Big companies with thousands of clients? No. Turns out, the pro account is for ANYONE with commercial interests. Even if they only have a few videos to show, like I do. And so I went with the pro account. I even tried to tell them, that I think they didn't license Vimeo like they should. But all I got was a "ah, nobody cares".

And it's not even hard to find out what the differences between Plus and Pro are. There is an easy to reach FAQ-entry.

So, how bad is it, to not play by the rules in this case?

It's not like you are stealing something. It's more like stealing and leaving some money behind. Just a fraction of what you have to pay. And I wouldn't call that bad. I would call that just plain stupid.

There is NO reason to use Vimeo if you think it is too expensive. If you don't like their rules, go somewhere else.

But looking stupid is not even the worst part of this story. I can't work with someone like that. If they don't care about these rules, just to save 10 bucks a month, why should they care about my business?

Note wine label saver


Christmas is just around the corner and I'm pretty sure everybody has a person in his life who, to some degree, is a wine lover.

Hinckley Cellars created a pretty neat product helping enjoying this hobby: "The Wine Label Saver".

The tool peels wine labels from bottles so they can be saved in an accompanying leather journal. It is made entirely of stainless steel with a leather blade cover and comes in a wooden keepsake box.

Prices from $64 to $98, the later one with an italian leather wine journal.

Check out the video below or order directly from Hinckley Cellars.

iPhone OS 2.2 und die Rechtschreibkorrektur

Man glaubt es kaum, aber mit dem heute erschienenen Update auf Version 2.2 des iPhone OS hat Apple nicht nur die Möglichkeit eingebaut die Rechtschreibkorrektur abzuschalten, nein, sie wurde sogar anscheinend komplett überarbeitet!

Und siehe da: Es funktioniert! Ich kann endlich Texte schreiben in denen Worte wie "Freund" vorkommen und muss nicht einen bescheuerten Vorschlag wie "Freünd" ablehnen.

Toll ist auch das nun meine Mails wieder empfangen werden auch wenn das Gerät im Standby ist....

"Danke" Apple ;-)