Let's rock Apple Event - What's going to happen- no kidding, the real deal! Trust me

These things will be shown today. I don't guess, I know it. Chuck Norris told me. And BTW, Steve Jobs isn't doing the keynote today. He got roundhouse-kicked by Chuck Norris over a fight who invented the iPhone.


So let's get it all together:

  • New iTunes, Version 8 or 9. Or... 10...ish. Can sync with the Zune

  • New Macbooks. In silver, black, blue, white, brown (Zune-Killer!) and.. white again. And a special Edition in BONO-Red. (no, not BOBO, BONO. The idiot douche-bag who thinks he knows everything. But then again... maybe I should call him BoBo...)

  • New iPhone. No touchscreen anymore and more social. Comes in brown only and Jerry Seinfeld delivers each unit personally.

  • A new Mighty Mouse. A model that actually WORKS for more than.. 2 days before the FUCKING BALL GETS ALL STICKY AND UGLY AND.. whatever.. next point

  • A subscription service for iTunes. Developed by Will Wright. You can play any song 3 times. After that you have to dance and sing in front of one of your friends. But that doesn't work most of the time, so you could just kill them. This also gets you another 3 times.

  • A tablet. An actual tablet with an apple logo on the back. Sold by Pottery Barn only. Starting today. 16 inch and 32inch models available.

  • New MobileMe. Called just Mobile, so it's not entirely clear WHO is mobile and nobody has to be sad anymore. It's functionality has also been redefined and slimmed down a bit, so, right now it doesn't do anything and that's EXACTLY what it is supposed to.

  • But the thing I anticipate the most, is the new Chuck Norris Game for the iPhone. Essentially it just gives you a roundhouse-kick every time you start it up. And as everybody knows, you can't defeat Chuck Norris, so there is nothing else you can do. Just restart and get another beating. AWESOME! You have to get one, it's not optional. Seriously.


Automatic podcast removal and cleanup with Cast Away

iTunes does a great job downloading and syncing podcasts to my iPods / iPhone. But what it really lacks, is some kind of management functionality to delete outdated podcasts.

Cast Away fills in the gap so far left in iTunes. It allows for the scheduled removal of podcasts on a per podcast basis with lots of options.


Get it from woodenbrain.com.

Trial is available, full version is seven bucks.

Move MOZY installation to another machine

Today I ultimately went from OSX 10.4 Server to 10.5 Leopard Server.

The whole process went smooth and without any major problems. However, I was a bit worried about moving Mozy, my online backup, to the new setup. Most of the files to be backed up, are stored on an atttached Lacie Biggest Disk with a Raid 5 setup, so the hash and the location of most of them wouldn't change.

For those of you who don't know Mozy go to www.mozy.com and download the trial. It's free for 2GB of storage and about 5 bucks a month for the unlimited service.

I really like Mozy. It's easy to set up and works flawlessly in the background. I regularly do some restores, not a single problem until today. But make sure this is just ANOTHER line of defense against data loss and not your ONLY ONE!


I didn't do an upgrade, instead I chose to start with a fresh install. Over the last 2 years with a 10.4 server I installed a lot of junk and the configuration was... I admit it, a bit scrambled.

So, here's how I moved my Mozy installation from 10.4 to 10.5:

1. Make sure to run a last backup on the old machine.

2. Copy the contents of the folder "/library/Application Support/Mozy/" to a disk accessible from your new system. Remember: This is NOT in YOUR home directory, it's in the SYSTEMS Library folder!

3. Make a new directory in your new systems /Library/Application Support/ folder and name it "Mozy".

4. Copy the files from step 2 in this directory.

5. Make sure your new system has the SAME computername as your old, otherwise Mozy will totally fuck it up.

6. Download and install Mozy.

7. Startup Mozy for the first time, click "Configuration" and let mozy figure out how much backup space will be needed. After that click SAVE, restart your server and you're done.


iPhone 2.0 Rechtschreibkorrektur

Ich hab ja in meinem Leben schon viel Scheiss gesehen, aber die Rechtschreibkorrektur des iPhones schiesst echt den Vogel ab.

Gottlob schreib ich fast nur englisch, da schlägts nicht so durch oder ich mach die Korrektur aus (was natürlich auch nur geht nachdem man das Telefon jailbraked :)

Hier mal meine kleine Liste der total bescheuerten Vorschläge, beziehungsweise... was heisst Vorschläge? Einen Vorschlag sollte man annehmen dürfen, die hier muss ich ja aktiv ablehnen :)

stunden = stündem
freund = freünd
Hunden = hinden
genau = genaü
Blau = blaü

So ein Scheissdreck. Echt :)

Wer wisssen will wie man die Korrektur deaktiviert, dem wird hier geholfen.

Easy VPN-Setup on the iPhone, secure browsing on public networks

I've just set up my iPhone to make a VPN connection to my home servers via PPTP. No, this protocol is not unsecure. It's a long lasting urban myth, so don't mail me with some crap about it. I've chosen a strong password and that's it.

It was quite easy to setup, just add a user to your router at home/office. Then go to SETTINGS - GENERAL - NETWORK - VPN and add a new vpn-connection.

Provide your username and password and think about whether you want your entire traffic routed through your VPN (then check ALL TRAFFIC) or just the routes to your private network.

I gave it some thoughts, and by choosing ALL TRAFFIC you essentially get a complete encryption of your traffic. So, if you're using public, unencrypted hotspots, anybody could see the filthy sites your surfing on. This is a great and EASY way to prevent this (if you have a PPTP-capable router). Communications between you and the site is still in part unencrypted, but just the route between it and your own router (which hopefully sits on a non-public somehow secure line).

To put it in a nutshell: using this technique you're browsing as secure as you would when you are at home in front of your computer.

That's it. Best of all, you now have a direct on/off switch for the VPN in your SETTINGS menu so you don't have to dig deep to turn it on and off.

I suggest turning it on every time you're on an unencrypted or otherwise untrustworthy network (airport WiFi, etc.). Just remember to choose a STRONG password. And your children's names are not a strong password ;-)

iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 update and the 3G reception

I just ran the update to 2.0.2 of the iPhone 3G firmware.

Process went smoothly and as far as I can tell, the 3G reception is better. Not even do I get 4 instead of 1 bar of reception quality now, but I can make calls in a part of the house I couldn't before.

I know, this is not a scientific approach... jadajada... but hey, it works for me.

All my apps were still on the phone, all settings in place. Contacts, mail and SMS is much snappier than before and loads almost instantly.

I just have to wait for the jailbreak to get my Intelliscreen back :)


According to an AP-article the update was targeted to fix the poor reception quality on a 3G network. But there are a lot of people out there claiming it didn't fix anything. Some even say, it made 3G calls entirely impossible. So... back to square one :)

Switching from Quicksilver to Launchbar

As the development of Quicksilver came to a hold some time ago, and the once rock-solid launcher (yeahh, I know it's way more than that... NERD) gets more and more unstable with each new revision of Leopard, I finally decided to switch to launchbar.


After a week of use (mostly as an applauncher) I can honestly say, give it a try.

Licensing starts at US$19,95 which definitely is a reasonable price.

Get it at:


Increase security for code-entering on the iPhone

I just had an idea to increase security whilst entering your code into the iPhone lock screen (or any other similar application).

It's quite easy to see what numbers you are typing, even from a distance. That's mainly because the asshole on the next table just needs to take a look at the pattern you're typing on the screen.

Now, what if the keypad (displayed in a conventional format) will have the numbers ordered in a random fashion?

Would definitely make it a lot harder to get your code.

Feel free to use this idea for an application but don't forget to send me a copy :)