XBOX users must get lobotomy before having fun...

I admit, it must be somehow exhausting getting your brain removed and replaced with a full-blown home theater, but come on Microsoft... WTF?

These ads are just utterly crap. Crazy music, crazy people, crazy staring into... nothing.

But I think that's all you can get from some "creatives" when they take a deep look into their own heads.

Clever marketing

This is a nice and really clever and inspiring piece of advertising.


Ok, here's the whole story:

Some guy named Levinator25 found and filmed what he thought was a glitch in the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 by EA. It shows Tiger Woods walking over water. He posted the whole thing on Youtube. So far, so good.

Now to the clever part. EA responded with its own video, this time showing the REAL Tiger Woods walking over water doing a birdy.

I'm quite sure this was intended and so, kudos to the marketing guys at Electronic Arts.

Weird fashion show

I always knew most fashion designers are retarded to some degree, but this one tops it all:


The above scene comes from Jenna Karl's creepy fashion show which shows some kind of... I dunno... "idiot gear".

It's meant to be an "insight into masochism and the future of body modification". Yeaaah... right :)

“I want to give the viewer of my collection a sense of the medical advancements that people will undergo,” Jenna says. “The clothing is not clothing as such but a representation of the medical advancements people have undergone.”

You know what, I think these shitty plastic-crap-shoes called Crocs would be a really nice accessory for this kind of weirdo-clothing!