Tuesday's music tip - Fatboy Slim, "Palookaville"

Most of the time Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) hates his albums once they are finished. But with this one, there are rumors he has been quoted "I'm quite comfortable with this album".

And that's exactly what I think about it too. It makes ME feel quite comfortable.

You'll find more instruments, more vocals and some celebrity collaborators on this album which makes it a bit less rough on the edges and has a feelgood-factor to it, but... lacks a little bit of the excitement of some of the older tracks.

One exception to make: "Slash dot dash". This song is just.. weird.

Personal favorite and must-hear:

"The Joker" with vocals by Bootsie Collin.

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Clever marketing

This is a nice and really clever and inspiring piece of advertising.


Ok, here's the whole story:

Some guy named Levinator25 found and filmed what he thought was a glitch in the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008 by EA. It shows Tiger Woods walking over water. He posted the whole thing on Youtube. So far, so good.

Now to the clever part. EA responded with its own video, this time showing the REAL Tiger Woods walking over water doing a birdy.

I'm quite sure this was intended and so, kudos to the marketing guys at Electronic Arts.

Tracking your packages

I don't know why I never mentioned it before, but as I just downloaded an update, I'm taking my chance right now.

Some of you may know, I don't like going to town for my shopping needs. There are.. those... other people... and It's way more convenient to shop online. So, that said, you can imagine I'm receiving a minimum of one package a day.

To keep track of what will when arrive, i'm using "Delivery Status".

A nice, free widget for OSX. You can track nearly every delivery service. And best of all, it can track orders from the Apple-Store, Amazon, Nintendo etc. Give it a try, it's free.


Switching from Quicksilver to Launchbar

As the development of Quicksilver came to a hold some time ago, and the once rock-solid launcher (yeahh, I know it's way more than that... NERD) gets more and more unstable with each new revision of Leopard, I finally decided to switch to launchbar.


After a week of use (mostly as an applauncher) I can honestly say, give it a try.

Licensing starts at US$19,95 which definitely is a reasonable price.

Get it at: