On not giving a damn about licenses

In the last weeks, I switched my company's website to Squarespace. For the most part, everything went quite smoothly. But, as Squarespace has a limit for files to be uploaded (20MB), hosting the videos there was out of the question. So I decided to use a video hosting provider. I asked the agency, which did the design for my website, about video hosting and they told me, they had a paid Vimeo account and would host my videos for free.

That was a really nice offer, but to be honest, I had some problems with their attitude and on-time delivery lately. So I didn't want to be dependent on them when I need to change something. As it will turn out, that was a good idea.

Since I knew and liked Vimeo, I set up an account for my company. I took a look at what kind of account the agency was using and it was a Plus account. As they host commercial videos for different clients, I thought, there must be something smaller. One that's for.. well, a small business like mine. But there wasn't. There was only a much more expensive one: the Pro account (USD 199/yr vs. USD 59/yr).

Now I was wondering. If an agency, with different clients and clear commercial interests, uses the Plus account, whom is the pro account for? Big companies with thousands of clients? No. Turns out, the pro account is for ANYONE with commercial interests. Even if they only have a few videos to show, like I do. And so I went with the pro account. I even tried to tell them, that I think they didn't license Vimeo like they should. But all I got was a "ah, nobody cares".

And it's not even hard to find out what the differences between Plus and Pro are. There is an easy to reach FAQ-entry.

So, how bad is it, to not play by the rules in this case?

It's not like you are stealing something. It's more like stealing and leaving some money behind. Just a fraction of what you have to pay. And I wouldn't call that bad. I would call that just plain stupid.

There is NO reason to use Vimeo if you think it is too expensive. If you don't like their rules, go somewhere else.

But looking stupid is not even the worst part of this story. I can't work with someone like that. If they don't care about these rules, just to save 10 bucks a month, why should they care about my business?

Remove all copies of a file from a time-machine backup

It's nice to have time-machine as it works flawlessly most of the time. It's also very nice to go back in time to a specific version of a file.

But sometimes you need to get rid of ALL copies of a file for different reasons.

Here's how:

1. Startup time machine by either hitting the icon in your dock or clicking the time machine icon in your menubar and then selecting "Start time machine".

2. Navigate to the folder/file you want to delete and select it.


3. Click the "gears-icon" in the toolbar and select "Delete All Backups"


That's it. If you wanna play safe, do a free space wipe of your time-machine volume to ensure all evidence is gone ;-)

Move MOZY installation to another machine

Today I ultimately went from OSX 10.4 Server to 10.5 Leopard Server.

The whole process went smooth and without any major problems. However, I was a bit worried about moving Mozy, my online backup, to the new setup. Most of the files to be backed up, are stored on an atttached Lacie Biggest Disk with a Raid 5 setup, so the hash and the location of most of them wouldn't change.

For those of you who don't know Mozy go to www.mozy.com and download the trial. It's free for 2GB of storage and about 5 bucks a month for the unlimited service.

I really like Mozy. It's easy to set up and works flawlessly in the background. I regularly do some restores, not a single problem until today. But make sure this is just ANOTHER line of defense against data loss and not your ONLY ONE!


I didn't do an upgrade, instead I chose to start with a fresh install. Over the last 2 years with a 10.4 server I installed a lot of junk and the configuration was... I admit it, a bit scrambled.

So, here's how I moved my Mozy installation from 10.4 to 10.5:

1. Make sure to run a last backup on the old machine.

2. Copy the contents of the folder "/library/Application Support/Mozy/" to a disk accessible from your new system. Remember: This is NOT in YOUR home directory, it's in the SYSTEMS Library folder!

3. Make a new directory in your new systems /Library/Application Support/ folder and name it "Mozy".

4. Copy the files from step 2 in this directory.

5. Make sure your new system has the SAME computername as your old, otherwise Mozy will totally fuck it up.

6. Download and install Mozy.

7. Startup Mozy for the first time, click "Configuration" and let mozy figure out how much backup space will be needed. After that click SAVE, restart your server and you're done.


Increase security for code-entering on the iPhone

I just had an idea to increase security whilst entering your code into the iPhone lock screen (or any other similar application).

It's quite easy to see what numbers you are typing, even from a distance. That's mainly because the asshole on the next table just needs to take a look at the pattern you're typing on the screen.

Now, what if the keypad (displayed in a conventional format) will have the numbers ordered in a random fashion?

Would definitely make it a lot harder to get your code.

Feel free to use this idea for an application but don't forget to send me a copy :)