Nikon D800 and 1080/30P HDMI output

The Nikon D800 is a great camera for video. At least in a studio setup. One of the reasons is the ability to output uncompressed 10 bit video via HDMI. Just add a Blackmagic Intensity to your system and you're good to go.

Having uncompressed video that can be captured as Apple ProRes422 is fantastic for keying. And the better your key to begin with, the less work in post.

Setup is fairly straightforward, the D800 outputs video via HDMI without any on-screen-menu in exactly the same format you chose for recording. Except... it does not.

Here's the catch: When you choose "1920x1080 30P", it's really an "1920x1080 29.97P" output.

When you KNOW this, all is good. If not, you'll be swaping cables, rebooting your system several times and scratching your head why the hell you don't get a picture with the Intensity.

That said, select "1920x1080 29.97P" on the Intensity as input-format and have fun!

Nikon D800, iPhoto for iPad and 36MP pictures

When Apple announced iPhoto for the iPad I was really excited. Although I use Aperture for my day-to-day editing, having an alternative on-the-go seemed nice. But then there was this "and you can edit pictures UP TO 19MP".

In your face! Damn it. Now that I couldn't use it, I wanted to :)

As there's (most of the time) no harm in trying things out, that's exactly what I did this morning.

I shot some pictures with the D800 as RAW, took out the camera connection kit and tried to import them.

After inserting the memorycard, started on the ipad and... showed my pictures. Ok, showing a thumbnail and importing a 42MB imagefile are two different things, so I hit "Import all". That's where I expected some sort of message like "You idiot! Do you think we just say "UP TO 19MP willy-nilly??"

But then... it just kept going and imported all the files. No warning, no insult, no nothing.

Next thing: I fired up iPhoto and after a brief second of "Updating library" my recently imported photos were there. And a quick look at the info panel showed this:

So, it looks like everything worked. But then, there's this odd crossed-out-RAW-icon I cannot explain. The file SEEMS to be ok, it SEEMS to be full resolution. When trying to export it though, it gets scaled down to approximately 12MP and only exports as JPEG. I don't know if this is the default-behaviour of iPhoto for iPad, but I will investigate this a little further.