Tuesday's music tip - Katy Perry - "One Of The Boys"

"One of the boys" from Katy Perry is hardly anything new. And I think you already heard at least one of her songs: "I kissed a girl". Nice, catchy and overall totally OK, but nothing intellectually challenging.

Katy Perry fits nicely into a genre of outspoken female singer/songwriters such as Lilly Allen and Kate Nash, but that's about it. Nevertheless, give it a try.


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Tuesday's music tip - Diana Krall, "from this moment on"

From This Moment On is the tenth and latest album by Canadian jazz pianist and vocalist Diana Krall. It was nominated for Best Jazz Album at the 2007 Grammy Awards.

Krall's secret of success is the combination of great lyrics and the skills in terms of timing of a great piano-player. You can feel that every syllable is in the right place at the right time, all the time.

My personal favorite, although a bit slow, is "Little Girl Blue". The lyrics are great and the delicate whispering with a classic track just make me want to listen to it again and again.
If you ever had the chance to see her live, you'd know the almost intriguing intimacy of her performance that makes you feel like you are the only listener in the whole room.

But there are also faster tracks like "Day In and Day Out" which feel lighthearted and remind me of the late Count Basie with a piano tinkling over a chugging guitar.


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Tuesday's music tip - Fatboy Slim, "Palookaville"

Most of the time Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) hates his albums once they are finished. But with this one, there are rumors he has been quoted "I'm quite comfortable with this album".

And that's exactly what I think about it too. It makes ME feel quite comfortable.

You'll find more instruments, more vocals and some celebrity collaborators on this album which makes it a bit less rough on the edges and has a feelgood-factor to it, but... lacks a little bit of the excitement of some of the older tracks.

One exception to make: "Slash dot dash". This song is just.. weird.

Personal favorite and must-hear:

"The Joker" with vocals by Bootsie Collin.

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Simplify "scanning libraries" indefinitely on 10.5.3

I'm using "Simplify" for sharing my iTunes library with some people and especially myself on my iPhone.

Unfortunately I recently had some problems getting it to work on my Leopard Server, running 10.5.3.


Simplify support was extremly helpful and blazing fast. Using the built-in Troubleshooting tool, I sent them some logs, the XML of my library and a brief description of the error.

The app was always saying "scanning libraries" and nothing else happened.

Here's the mail from support:


Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the problem. Our app is unable to connect through your network, per the error below:

Network Scan Status: NAT test error
Network Type: 0x0 (hairpin = false)

We have seen this on a few other systems running Mac OS 10.5.3, and in all those cases, upgrading the latest Mac OS version solved the problem.


It turned out, it's the 10.5.3 that's causing the problem. After an update to the newest 10.5.4, everything is back to normal and works as expected.

Thanks for the great support and keep up the good work!

Automatic podcast removal and cleanup with Cast Away

iTunes does a great job downloading and syncing podcasts to my iPods / iPhone. But what it really lacks, is some kind of management functionality to delete outdated podcasts.

Cast Away fills in the gap so far left in iTunes. It allows for the scheduled removal of podcasts on a per podcast basis with lots of options.


Get it from woodenbrain.com.

Trial is available, full version is seven bucks.

Tuesday's music tip - Silje Nergaard, "at first light"

Silje Nergaard is a norwegian jazz musician. My first contact with her music was in 2001 with this album, "at first light".

It's a really nice combination of jazz with some singer/songwriter influences, all backed up by her beautiful and a bit childlike sounded voice.

What's really remarkable is the growing complexity of each song. Most of them start with a simple melody that unfolds into a mixture of surprises and, sometimes, loose ends.

My favorite song on this album is "Japanese Blue". It's easy, fresh and airy and shows what a great voice she has.


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