iPhone OS 2.2 und die Rechtschreibkorrektur

Man glaubt es kaum, aber mit dem heute erschienenen Update auf Version 2.2 des iPhone OS hat Apple nicht nur die Möglichkeit eingebaut die Rechtschreibkorrektur abzuschalten, nein, sie wurde sogar anscheinend komplett überarbeitet!

Und siehe da: Es funktioniert! Ich kann endlich Texte schreiben in denen Worte wie "Freund" vorkommen und muss nicht einen bescheuerten Vorschlag wie "Freünd" ablehnen.

Toll ist auch das nun meine Mails wieder empfangen werden auch wenn das Gerät im Standby ist....

"Danke" Apple ;-)

Using the iPhone configuration utility for troubleshooting

Apple released it's iPhone Configuration Utility 1.0.1 last week.

Although it isn't designed directly for the end-user it comes quite handy when you have to troubleshoot your iPhone.

Essentially it provides two functions that are very useful for this purpose:

1. You can uninstall applications on your phone directly from your computer, even when the iPhone doesn't boot up to springboard. Sometimes a 3rd party app causes errors that prevent your phone from booting. Removing it solves the problem most of the time.

2. It gives you an easy access to the iPhone's console log, showing application errors, general errors and a crap-load of other diagnostic stuff like failed network login attempts, mail download problems... You name it.

The tool is available as an OSX ONLY download here.

How to fix mozy error: "Database locked"

If your installation of Mozy just recently stopped working, and you saw something like

Database locked

in your Mozy-logfile, continue reading.

I don't know what exactly causes this error, but I can tell you what not: Permission-issues or a bad harddrive.

The method described below is safe, doesn't delete any of your files on the mozy server and best of all, all the files already uploaded are still there and will be recognized. So if you have like 600GB on Mozy like me, you don't need to worry having them to upload again.

Ok, here we go:

1. Copy the file "state.db" from the folder "Library/Application Support/Mozy/" to a nice and warm place, like your desktop.

2. Select "Configuration" from your Mozymenu and make a note of every Custom-Folder you are backing up right now (collections).

3. Select "Uninstall Mozy" from the menubar. If Mozy asks if you want to keep your existing logs and configuration answer NO.

4. Reboot your computer and make sure every trace of Mozy is gone (especially the "Library/Application Support/Mozy" directory).

5. Download latest version of Mozy from www.mozy.com and install it.

6. When asked to configure your backup, go ahead and recreate all custom directory entries

7. Voila, everything should be back to normal. Run a backup, wait for it to finish and then trash your old state.db

If anything should go wrong, remember, you can always revert back to the state before, by copying the saved state.db to the directory mentioned above.

Please leave a comment if this fix worked for you! Thx.


ITunes: Error 5002 after update to iTunes 8.0 FIXED

Ohh come on! Not again...

After an upgrade to iTunes 8.0 I cannot update my apps anymore. All I get is "unknown error 5002".

To save you some time, these fixes DON'T work:

- Repair Permissions
- Signing in and out of your account
- Changing the settings from "One-Click-Shopping" to "Use Cart" and back again or vice-versa
- Reinstalling iTunes

I keep you posted about a fix. Subscribe to my RSS-Feed for latest updates.

Update: Found the error.

Seems that I had a bad app in my library (TapTap Revenge). If you scroll through your library, have a look for an App that only shows a generic icon. Delete this app and everything should be back to normal. You can redownload it later from the appstore at no charge.


Finally, AppleJack compatible with Leopard

I hope you never run into a situation where your Mac does not boot fully into the finder, but when you are, you can be assured of not having a bootdisk handy...

So here's the solution: "Applejack" by Kristofer Widholm


AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can't load the GUI, or don't have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use.

You can use it to repair your disk, permissions, validate and fix the system's preference files and clear your (possibly corrupted) cache.

Just download it, install it onto your system disk and the next time you're running into trouble, just fire up the Single-User Mode of your MAC by holding command + s on bootup. Type "applejack" or "applejack auto" and let the magic begin.

I used it on my Tiger System quite a few times and everything turned out A-OK afterwards.

If you don' trust me, here's a list of user experiences with AppleJack.

If you need an in-depth article about troubleshooting your MAC with AppleJack, MacFixIt has a nice article on it.

Simplify "scanning libraries" indefinitely on 10.5.3

I'm using "Simplify" for sharing my iTunes library with some people and especially myself on my iPhone.

Unfortunately I recently had some problems getting it to work on my Leopard Server, running 10.5.3.


Simplify support was extremly helpful and blazing fast. Using the built-in Troubleshooting tool, I sent them some logs, the XML of my library and a brief description of the error.

The app was always saying "scanning libraries" and nothing else happened.

Here's the mail from support:


Thanks for the heads up and sorry for the problem. Our app is unable to connect through your network, per the error below:

Network Scan Status: NAT test error
Network Type: 0x0 (hairpin = false)

We have seen this on a few other systems running Mac OS 10.5.3, and in all those cases, upgrading the latest Mac OS version solved the problem.


It turned out, it's the 10.5.3 that's causing the problem. After an update to the newest 10.5.4, everything is back to normal and works as expected.

Thanks for the great support and keep up the good work!

iPhone Firmware 2.0.2 update and the 3G reception

I just ran the update to 2.0.2 of the iPhone 3G firmware.

Process went smoothly and as far as I can tell, the 3G reception is better. Not even do I get 4 instead of 1 bar of reception quality now, but I can make calls in a part of the house I couldn't before.

I know, this is not a scientific approach... jadajada... but hey, it works for me.

All my apps were still on the phone, all settings in place. Contacts, mail and SMS is much snappier than before and loads almost instantly.

I just have to wait for the jailbreak to get my Intelliscreen back :)


According to an AP-article the update was targeted to fix the poor reception quality on a 3G network. But there are a lot of people out there claiming it didn't fix anything. Some even say, it made 3G calls entirely impossible. So... back to square one :)