Calibrating the iPad display

As I'm using the iPad with the wonderful Air-Display from Avatron, I was wondering, if I could calibrate the display to get even better color accuracy when editing photos "in the field" on my Macbook Air.

Turns out, I can.

Here's how to do it.

First activate Air Display and make sure you don't select "use Retina Resolution if available" or otherwise you'll end up with a Spyder3 window that is far too small to be of any use. After calibration turn it back on again as it is just marvelous to look at pictures on a nearly 300PPI display.

DSC 0541

Set the brightness of your iPad to a mid-range level. Cranking it all the way up may look great, but tends to seriously fuck up the calibration and gives me a headache.

Now fire up the Spyder3 application (or whatever software you use) and select your iPad as calibration-target. The application window should move to the iPad display.

Lay the iPad flat-down, place the sensor on it and start the calibration.

DSC 0543

That's it. Just wait a few minutes and you'll have your color-profile.


I think there really is no need to go through all of this. The calibrated output varies so little from the factory preset, that you'll only see a difference under optimal lighting conditions and in a direct comparison.

The iPad display (at least from the iPad 3) is just fantastic. Color reproduction even for highly saturated colors is accurate and the gamut is mind blowing.

Just take a look at these charts:

Spyder3Elite 4 0 2

Red: iPad 3, blue: Apple LED Cinema Display 27"

Spyder3Elite 4 0 2

Red: iPad 3, blue: Wacom Cintiq 24HD

Spyder3Elite 4 0 2

Red: iPad 3, green: sRGB, purple: AdobeRGB (mostly NTSC)

Remarks to a small percentage of readers: This process does not calibrate your iPad display per se. It only works when acting as an external display with Air Display. There is no need to tell me this in the comments. This may be what you're looking for: Datacolor Spyder Gallery.

Also, you do not have to ask me "Why did you do this when you say later there is no need?". There are other ways to prove that you're an idiot. Be creative.

Nikon D800, iPhoto for iPad and 36MP pictures

When Apple announced iPhoto for the iPad I was really excited. Although I use Aperture for my day-to-day editing, having an alternative on-the-go seemed nice. But then there was this "and you can edit pictures UP TO 19MP".

In your face! Damn it. Now that I couldn't use it, I wanted to :)

As there's (most of the time) no harm in trying things out, that's exactly what I did this morning.

I shot some pictures with the D800 as RAW, took out the camera connection kit and tried to import them.

After inserting the memorycard, started on the ipad and... showed my pictures. Ok, showing a thumbnail and importing a 42MB imagefile are two different things, so I hit "Import all". That's where I expected some sort of message like "You idiot! Do you think we just say "UP TO 19MP willy-nilly??"

But then... it just kept going and imported all the files. No warning, no insult, no nothing.

Next thing: I fired up iPhoto and after a brief second of "Updating library" my recently imported photos were there. And a quick look at the info panel showed this:

So, it looks like everything worked. But then, there's this odd crossed-out-RAW-icon I cannot explain. The file SEEMS to be ok, it SEEMS to be full resolution. When trying to export it though, it gets scaled down to approximately 12MP and only exports as JPEG. I don't know if this is the default-behaviour of iPhoto for iPad, but I will investigate this a little further.

Apple releases Aperture 2.1.2

Apple released a minor new version of Aperture 2 today.


"Printing of commercial products through Aperture has been improved. Apple has released Aperture 2.1.2, which "improves the printing quality of books, cards and calendars ordered through the Aperture printing service."

I downloaded it this morning and none of the annoying errors from the previous version are gone (namely the bug where Aperture doesn't start when you have a vault-backup on a mounted network-volume).

Get it via Software Update or download it here.


Remove all copies of a file from a time-machine backup

It's nice to have time-machine as it works flawlessly most of the time. It's also very nice to go back in time to a specific version of a file.

But sometimes you need to get rid of ALL copies of a file for different reasons.

Here's how:

1. Startup time machine by either hitting the icon in your dock or clicking the time machine icon in your menubar and then selecting "Start time machine".

2. Navigate to the folder/file you want to delete and select it.


3. Click the "gears-icon" in the toolbar and select "Delete All Backups"


That's it. If you wanna play safe, do a free space wipe of your time-machine volume to ensure all evidence is gone ;-)

Updating an unlocked iPhone 1G to 2.1

I tried this today with an "old" iPhone 1G running a jailbroken and unlocked 2.0.2 software:

1. Made a backup in iTunes

2. Uninstalled all "unofficial 3rd Party apps"

3. Restarted the iPhone

4. Updated it directly from iTunes

5. Voila, everything worked fine.

Sure, you're losing the jailbreak, BUT the phone still stays unlocked and activated.


DevTeam did it again, here's the torrent for the updated Quickpwn-application:

How to fix mozy error: "Database locked"

If your installation of Mozy just recently stopped working, and you saw something like

Database locked

in your Mozy-logfile, continue reading.

I don't know what exactly causes this error, but I can tell you what not: Permission-issues or a bad harddrive.

The method described below is safe, doesn't delete any of your files on the mozy server and best of all, all the files already uploaded are still there and will be recognized. So if you have like 600GB on Mozy like me, you don't need to worry having them to upload again.

Ok, here we go:

1. Copy the file "state.db" from the folder "Library/Application Support/Mozy/" to a nice and warm place, like your desktop.

2. Select "Configuration" from your Mozymenu and make a note of every Custom-Folder you are backing up right now (collections).

3. Select "Uninstall Mozy" from the menubar. If Mozy asks if you want to keep your existing logs and configuration answer NO.

4. Reboot your computer and make sure every trace of Mozy is gone (especially the "Library/Application Support/Mozy" directory).

5. Download latest version of Mozy from and install it.

6. When asked to configure your backup, go ahead and recreate all custom directory entries

7. Voila, everything should be back to normal. Run a backup, wait for it to finish and then trash your old state.db

If anything should go wrong, remember, you can always revert back to the state before, by copying the saved state.db to the directory mentioned above.

Please leave a comment if this fix worked for you! Thx.


ITunes: Error 5002 after update to iTunes 8.0 FIXED

Ohh come on! Not again...

After an upgrade to iTunes 8.0 I cannot update my apps anymore. All I get is "unknown error 5002".

To save you some time, these fixes DON'T work:

- Repair Permissions
- Signing in and out of your account
- Changing the settings from "One-Click-Shopping" to "Use Cart" and back again or vice-versa
- Reinstalling iTunes

I keep you posted about a fix. Subscribe to my RSS-Feed for latest updates.

Update: Found the error.

Seems that I had a bad app in my library (TapTap Revenge). If you scroll through your library, have a look for an App that only shows a generic icon. Delete this app and everything should be back to normal. You can redownload it later from the appstore at no charge.