Study "Impact of IP-based communications on KNX sales"

I finished the study last year, and my client will allow the free release in about a month.

So, if anybody is interested, just send me an e-mail.
Just thought, with the next IFA ahead, MAYBE someone googles it and this could be a little free advertising for my company.

If you don't know what it is about just from the title, I'm pretty sure you won't want it :-)

Intelliscreen, first look

I always loved the "Taskbarnotifier" for the 1.1.x software of the iPhone. Unfortunately, this nice piece of software is not available anymore. But, Intelliscreen to the rescue!

It sports the same features and a whole lot more. I'm trying to write an in-depth review the next days, but until then, just take a look by yourself and give it a try.

A 10 day limited demo is available at


Exact battery status for the iPhone 2.0

What I always hated about the iPhone was it's crappy battery status. This dumb thing shows me a meter on the upper right side and when it looks like it's down to a mere 10%t, it's nearly HALF FULL (or half empty, but that's a different story...).


The newest version of the boss.prefs fixed this. You can now have a numerical value instead of the useless bar-thingy.

boss.prefs is available via Cydia by pwning your iPhone.


Fastmac Inc. now officially SLOWMAC Inc.

I can't believe what's happening right now. Long story short: I ordered an additional battery for my MacBook Pro more than 5 weeks ago from FASTMAC.COM. Here's part of a conversation with their sales-staff:

--cut here---


thank you for your reply.

I'm so sorry that you've sent emails w/out receiving a reply. I am puzzled... I've reviewed the mail program's history and this is the first time I see a log w/ your email.

The first two mails were sent via your online-contact form on your website, if this is of any help.

My experience is that it takes up to 10 business days to reach your country. Additional time is needed by your postal service to process the clearance through Customs and provide final delivery to your address. Each country is different in their efficiency and I cannot pinpoint the exact date when you should receive product. However, if 45 business days elapse and you still do not have your order, please contact me again.

I must say, I'm a bit shocked hearing this from you. Why the hell are you writing the following on your website when you know it's totally not true???

International Shipments
We use DHL or Global Express. Packages take 3 to 5 days to arrive. Customs duties and/or VAT are the responsibility of the customer. Additional credit card verification procedures have to be followed to protect the company from fraudulent transactions.

3 to 5 DAYS, not WEEKS. I don't need the battery in 1 1/2 MONTHS . By this time I probably have a new notebook. To be honest, I don't know what to say. Haven't they stopped airing candid-camera?

And I'm ordering a lot from the USA and most items arrive in 4 or 5 days, INCLUDING transit through customs. Also, why are you shipping via USPS? There's not a single word on your website about USPS?

To be honest, this was the first and last time I placed an order with your company. Why would anybody wait 6 weeks for a fuc.... battery to arrive??

Aperture and Time-Machine

I love Macs, I love the way things just work, but...

Sometimes things are just plain stupid. One good example is time-machine in combination with Apple Aperture. As some of you know I'm doing a lot of photography and after loosing two days of work just because of my laziness, I'm kinda obsessed with regular backups even when I'm in the field. I'm using an external ruggedized hard-drive to backup my Aperture-library on the go and Time-Machine seemed to be just the right addition for me for using at home.

Now guess what, even with the latest update of aperture and OSX, this damn time-machine corrupts my Aperture-library. So, now I have an easy to use backup-solution that essentially SCREWS-UP my original data.

Come on Steve, are you kidding me?