Speaking about fanboys... (Wacom Cintiq 27QHD review, part 2)

If I had known before, what kind of stir my last innocent rant about a niche-product like the Cintiq 27QHD would provoke, I'd probably never bothered writing a single line...

To sum it up, I received dozens of mails ranging from 'you idiot!!1' to 'i kill ypur family whem not deleting the posts'. I received a lot of nice e-mails too, but they don't support the following narrative for now, so I'm going to ignore them for the time being ;)

People on the Wacom forum linked to me, proposing I'm 'having an agenda'. At least they did not threaten to kill me. But, they are also wrong. I do not have an agenda. All I wanted, was to document the crappy software that comes from Wacom. 

As I said before, the hardware is exceptionally well made. And even the thoughts that go in their software regularly earn 9/10 points in my opinion. So, it is not the planing and intention that goes wrong, it is "just" horrible execution.

I contacted Wacom Support and sent them my earlier post. And as I predicted, they could not help me. All I got was a link to an Apple Support document to reset my NVRAM and the really helpful hint to "try different cables". And that is EXACTLY what I was talking about. There is nobody who really cares. It doesn't matter if I post a really hurtful article on my blog and get hundreds of visits each day from people searching for "Cintiq 27 review". They just don't care.

I found a workaround for the problem of my Macs not booting up when the display was connected. I switched the Mini-Displayport-to-display-port adapter that was provided by Wacom to one of my own. This worked. At least, the computer is now booting up. But all the other problems, as small as they may seem, still are there. And they are freaking huge when you try to work with this tablet. The on-screen help, the one listing the actual function of your buttons, which is showing on the wrong display is a deal-breaker. It is just not possible to use the tablet without getting insane.

Another thing is, one of the posters on the Wacom Forum asked: "is it the hardware or just the software?". That is really mind-blowing in my opinion. Is it ok if the product doesn't work and it is "just software?" I don't think so. This is a fucking expensive, highly specialized piece of hardware. Is it really too much to ask, that it works from day one? And we are not talking about "fringe cases".  The bugs I mentioned are reproducible on all of my systems.

This lack of detail shows everywhere. For example, Wacom asked me to register my product for "more support". That is ok, I guess. So I tried. But I couldn't. Here is the form: http://www.wacom.eu/index4.asp?pid=25
And if you look closely, the Cintiq 27QHD isn't in the list. This is just a little thing, of course. But it is the sum of all these "minor problems" that makes the difference between giving your customer the feeling that you care or that you don't give a flying fuck.

Take my review "with a grain of salt", as one forum member suggested. Make up your own mind, I'm just one guy who is using Wacom products for more than 20 years now and who feels deeply sorry seeing it all go down the drains. And don't get me wrong, I'm keeping my Cintiq. It is the best tablet I can get. But it is the only one on the market. And that may very well be, the source of my problems.