The Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Touch - an honest review

Today I received the new Cintiq 27QHD. Boy, I really looked forward to this. I unpacked it and it looks just gorgeous. The edge to edge screen, the new remote, the slim design. Just look for yourself:


And then I made a big mistake and actually tried to use it...

Let's start at the beginning.

Shortly after installing the (latest, of course) drivers, the Mac comes up with this nifty little box:


I can deactivate this interface in network preferences, sure. Doesn't seem to have any side effects, the tablet works just fine (I mean, besides all the shit that's not working). But... WHY? 

Now on to the new remote. Heavy, aluminum-body, magnetic. Nicely built. Until, you guessed it, I tried to use it.

When using the Express key remote, ALL on-screen shit is displayed on the wrong display. Always on the internal display of my iMac. That is really helpful. Constantly switching between two displays is not annoying at all. Nope. Not at all. And the kicker: This isn't the first time. When Yosemite came out, I had the exact same problem with the 24HD. And Wacom just needed a couple of months to fix this. To be honest, most of the time it took was denial of the problem. It always was the customer. Try to reinstall... try to do this and that. No boys, maybe you should just get your shit together and fix your software.

Ok, calming down and off to something positive. The screen:

One thing that is clearly visible the first time you look at the new display: it is bright. Really bright. Staring directly into the sun bright. Which is nice. But, a little too bright for my eyes and so I wanted to adjust it. Doesn't work. There is a "Display Settings" menu in the all-great-and-mighty POS the Wacom Software is: "Open Display Settings". Yeah... no. Doesn't work at all. What I get is:

So... Does my tablet need it? I guess so, as there is no other freakin' way of adjusting anything at all. Does it work? No. It does not.

Ok. Using the tablet as a tablet, doesn't really work at this time. I get it. It's hard to come up with a working product. At least I can use the display as a lamp for my office. I mean, it is bright. Except... I can't even do that without problems.

When connected, my Mac doesn't boot up anymore. It hangs at boot. Indefinitely. What helps is unplugging (or turning off) the Cintiq. After that, booting continues. Ja, that is what I want to do, unplug my fucking 3000$ display every time I restart my computer.

This is my fourth or fifth Wacom Cintiq. They are great. Fabulously built and after about a year on the market, you can actually use them (to a point and until a major OS X update comes along). And I am sick of it.  I really hope someone else will come out of the shadows and builds a competing product. WACOM just lost it. They've gone lazy with nearly no competition in the market. The hardware may be really good, but the software is so unbelievably bad, it's borderline insane.

In conclusion, I cannot recommend this thing to anyone. Absolutely nobody. Unless you like spending a couple thousands bucks to get kicked in your nuts and laughed at. Then, this may be the perfect product for you.

UPDATE: There is a follow-up article available.