Using protection

From time to time, people come to me and ask for advice. Just like today, when a friend asked me about „some good display protector“ for his iPhone.

I couldn’t help. Mainly for two reasons:

  1. I don’t use display protectors
  2. Using them is utterly stupid.

I never understood, why anybody would want to put some silly plastic foil on his beautiful gadget. It’s not like they need any kind of protection. Just take a look at this video:

So there is this high-tech glass, made to endure even the hardest of tests. And that’s not enough? Maybe they did not know how durable modern glass is. That’s ok. After seeing the video, they know and can stop with their endeavour. 

But some don’t. Why? What are they thinking?

"Ah, screw Corning! What do they know! Wrapping my phone in a used-condom is the way to go! That'll show them!"

I don’t know. Maybe that’s exactly what they are thinking. But let’s pretend for a minute, that these „protectors“ really do protect the display. At least a little bit. I’m not saying, modern gadgets don’t get scratches. They do. Over time, you will most definitely see some minor ones. They don’t show while using the phone, but when you tilt it a bit and the light shines on it in exactly the right angle, you can spot them. 

These scratches may have been prevented with some kind of sticker on the display. Maybe. 

But, for what price? 

What happens with these „scratchstoppers“ is, they get scratched right away. Just minutes after putting them on, they are scratched. And of course they are, it’s just a shitty plastic thingy you put on your display! But, no worry, the display beneath is fine.

So… Now you can use your phone with a display that looks like shit more and more from day to day, knowing it really is ok, deep down.

And that is the defintion of insanely stupid. But sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words: