How to fix mozy error: "Database locked"

If your installation of Mozy just recently stopped working, and you saw something like

Database locked

in your Mozy-logfile, continue reading.

I don't know what exactly causes this error, but I can tell you what not: Permission-issues or a bad harddrive.

The method described below is safe, doesn't delete any of your files on the mozy server and best of all, all the files already uploaded are still there and will be recognized. So if you have like 600GB on Mozy like me, you don't need to worry having them to upload again.

Ok, here we go:

1. Copy the file "state.db" from the folder "Library/Application Support/Mozy/" to a nice and warm place, like your desktop.

2. Select "Configuration" from your Mozymenu and make a note of every Custom-Folder you are backing up right now (collections).

3. Select "Uninstall Mozy" from the menubar. If Mozy asks if you want to keep your existing logs and configuration answer NO.

4. Reboot your computer and make sure every trace of Mozy is gone (especially the "Library/Application Support/Mozy" directory).

5. Download latest version of Mozy from and install it.

6. When asked to configure your backup, go ahead and recreate all custom directory entries

7. Voila, everything should be back to normal. Run a backup, wait for it to finish and then trash your old state.db

If anything should go wrong, remember, you can always revert back to the state before, by copying the saved state.db to the directory mentioned above.

Please leave a comment if this fix worked for you! Thx.