Disable auto correction of the iPhone 3G 2.0.1

As I'm constantly switching between languages, the auto correction "feature" of the iPhone is driving me nuts. And it's no help at all.

Now, here's how to switch it off:

1. SSH into your iPhone (must be jailbroken, use fugu or SSH in a terminal

2. Go to /System/Library/TextInput

3. Rename TextInput_XX.bundle to whatever you like (perhaps .bundle.BACKUP)

The XX stands for your country code. So, you know... use EN for english, DE for german... I think you're getting the point.

And if you want to switch it on again, just remove the .BACKUP from the filename.


If you want to have some kind of on/off switch for the auto-correction, just try this little workaround:

1. Install a language you don't use, I used fucking french for this purpose.

2. Delete the TextInputBundle for the just installed language as shown above.

3. Now, when you want NO auto-correction, just switch to french or whatever dumbass-language you chose.