Use a custom bootup/restore screen to get back a stolen or lost iPhone

I came up with a pretty ingenious idea this night...

What if you loose your iPhone? You're not a f***ing retard (at least you're reading my blog ;) and secured your iPhone with a pass-code, so there's no way someone could get into it and, for example, look for the owners address.

Now, you could just setup a wallpaper with your name on it, but this is... kinda uncool and then, where to put the nude ladies?

Why not use the custom logos for marking your phone when jailbreaking it?

Custom logo for pwned iPhones

This is exactly what I did. Just use this file as a starting point, save it EXACTLY in the same format (PNG with alpha channel) and make sure it's under 80KB.

I've put my name, address and e-mail in it and the promise of a reward. Now, when someone finds my phone he sooner or later will turn it on and off and will instantly see who's the REAL DADDY of his just found treasure.