First restore on the iPhone 3G - How to restore your iPhone 3G in a few easy to follow steps

I did it! I did it!!! I broke my iPhone 3G. :)

Don't know EXACTLY what happened, but I think after the installation of SHOZU things gone horribly wrong. My phone wouldn't start up anymore.

So here's what I had to do:

1) Connect your iPhone to your computer, make sure iTunes is running.

2) Now turn it ON. You should see at LEAST the backgroundlight turning on.

3) Hold the POWER Button (on TOP, dummy) and the Home button (hmm... which one could this be...) TOGETHER until the screen goes DARK.

4) Now RELEASE the Power button, but STILL HOLDING the home button.

5) iTunes should come up with a screen reading something like "blabla have to restore your blabla"

6) Do whatever iTunes tells you to do.