Some thoughts about the Macbook Air and .mac

I just received my Macbook Air and I'm setting it up right now. I'm quite amazed how easy it is.

I have a .mac account so all I had to do was to enter my username and password and after a few minutes all my settings, passwords, addresses and appointments were there. Even most of the files I need on a daily basis were there as I had set up an iDisk long time ago which holds my files.

Now I'm trying to read tea leaves...

WHAT if the Macbook Air is just the beginning? What if Apple is planning something much bigger and .mac plays a big part in it?

Just imagine your iDisk could hold your entire home-folder. With some tweaking you'd be able to log on to your iDisk from whatever Mac you like and have your working space just there. I know this sounds crazy at the moment, but think about how bandwidth just grew over the last 3 or 4 years.

Am I totally off here, what do you think?