OSX Leopard sync-issue (the annoying exclamation mark)

Another resolved issue with Leopard....

At some time my Mac Pro just started to tell me there was a conflict when trying to sync with my .mac account. Ok, no biggie... yeah, right...

When I clicked on "resolve conflicts" the conflict-resolver app started up with a nice orange icon in my dock. App was running but there was something unusual... there was NO FUCKING WINDOW :)

Now what? There's obviously a conflict, there's an app to resolve this conflict but no way for me to do anything (kinda that's what it's all about - human/machine interaction, isn't it :)

A bottle of vodka later, I figured out what was wrong. To correct this issue, you must reset your synchronization history, which empties the so called "truth database" and leaves your system in a state which appears like it has never been synced before. This will force a slow, first time synchronization event when you next sync it.

To reset synchronization history just follow these 4 (quite easy if you found out what to do...) steps:

- launch iSync
- open the Preferences… dialog
- press the Reset Sync History… button at the bottom of the dialog
- sync with .mac